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Refrigerator Collection Service Sydney - Free Pick Up of Old Fridge Freezers  Safe Removal & Disposal of Unwanted Fridges - Fridge Recycling  Our Expert Team of Sydney Removalists Are Saving You Time, Money & Labour While We Save the Environment!
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Free Used Fridge Collection Sydney

Looking for a White Goods Collection Service? Want to recycle your Fridge? Need to dispose of your White Goods quickly but don’t want to lift or pay cash? Free Fridge Removals Sydney are a refrigerator removal service based in Sydney's Eastern suburbs. Looking for a Free Fridge Removal Service in Sydney? Don't wait months for local council pick up services to take away your fridge freezer.  Don’t wreck your back trying to lift heavy items, you just want to get rid of  it, right?Don't pay an arm and a leg for a fridge removals service. If you don’t have any idea how to do that or if you simply don’t want to think about it, get in touch with Fridge Removals and we will remove it for you at no cost. We have the latest tools and a professional removals team who are experts at relocating fridges. For a fast collection, you can count on Free Fridge Removals.

Book your free fridge freezer removal today!

No cost, no obligation. Free Fridge Removals Sydney will Take your Old Fridge away at absolutely no cost.

Call 0415 364 545 to book your free fridge removal today!

(Check below for our requirements for free pick up)

To be eligible for a Free Fridge Collection,

your fridge must be:

1. Working

2. Less than ten (10) years old

3. Clean throughout

4. Located within our geographical

service area

Unsure if your fridge is older than ten years?

Fill in the form provided and we will find out for

you at absolutely no cost - Obligation free!

If your fridge doesn’t meet the requirements, our professional light moves team

Can dispose of your fridge quickly and safely a rate you can afford. For $70/hr we’ll send two

Men and a van to do the job. No hidden costs. No dilemmas.


Old Fridge Removal Sydney
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Purchasing a new fridge? We can pick up your item and Deliver it to your door!

Free Fridge Pick Up Sydney Fridge buy back

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Buy Fridge Sydney fridge for sale sydney Free Fridge Recycliing

Refrigerator Recycling in 3 Easy Steps..!

1. Clean out your old Working Fridge and Disconnect from power and water.

2. Call Free Fridge Removals on 0415 364 545 and book a fast and FREE fridge pick up.

3 Free Fridge Removals will collect your fridge for recycling!

Recycle Fridge Sydney

Why you should contact us for a Free Fridge Removal Service…

Selling your used fridge takes time and energy, and lets face it, unless your fridge is brand new with a warranty, the profit margin is not great - especially when you consider that the buyer then needs to pay to remove the fridge from your property and deliver it to them. Not to mention the risk that no one will buy your fridge, and you are left with advertising fees and very little time.

At Fridge Removals we understand that you have better things to do - We will ensure your old fridge is gone ASAP!

Many services offer to “buy back your fridge”. While this seems great in hindsight, there are usually complex conditions surrounding the offer. Upon reading the fine print you will probably find that there is a large waiting time and the rebate is minimal. Many of these services have hidden fees that apply (such as “stair costs”) which are much higher than regular removal fees. In most cases you still have to do most of the work yourself as these services ask that your fridge is placed outside of your property for pick up.

Free Fridge Removals will take your fridge from your kitchen - you do not need to lift a finger!

 Other Removal Services charge premium rates and have many “Hidden Extras” that they do not tell you about until the last minute. Our service is Free - provided your fridge meets the requirements which are clearly listed on our “Terms and Conditions” page. For fridges that do not meet the requirements or for other general removal services we will give you an honest quote of the TOTAL amount to be paid with no hidden extras. Our rates are amongst the cheapest in Sydney,  and our team are friendly, professional, experienced and reliable.

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